Hi from West Auckland

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Hi from West Auckland

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Hi there
My husband and I have enjoyed keeping chickens at home to lay and as pets for several years.
We’ve had our latest 5 about 4 years. They’ve all grown up together from chicks.

Leghorn blue rooster: ‘Ronnie Rooster’
Welsummer: ‘Pretty’
Light Sussex: ‘Snowgoose’
Plymouth Barred Rock: ‘Sparkles’
Rhode Island Red: ‘TimTam’

They came from the Heritage farm in Waitakere and have proven much more robust healthwise than
Shaver breeds we have kept, but not as consistent layers of course.

I‘ve primarily joined PC at this time to find a new caring forever home for them all as a unit as sadly hubby and still fiesty,
Ronnie Rooster are not getting on :cry:
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