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Hi from Gore and introduction.

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:52 pm
by Biffsmum1
I’m not new to owning chickens, but am I very new to breeding and incubating my own.
I have:
Light Sussex x 3 pullets (just started laying) and an older Light Sussex Rooster
Red Shaver x 3 (older girls) and a young Hamburg X Rooster
I am in the process of hopefully buying Barred Plymouth Rock eggs and Orpington Eggs to incubate.
Thanks to a faulty overheating incubator I have just lost 6 Cuckoo Orpington eggs. The company who sold it to me is replacing it, thankfully.

I intend to keep all breeds seperate and have no intention (at this stage) to cross them. Other than the Red Shaver/Hamburg X. Hoping to get some cracking layers from this cross.

Once I get the hang of incubating and growing chickens we intend to raise a few ducks for the table as well. Needless to say hubby is busy building coops and very large pens at the moment (poor soul).
I think this will be a great interest for us to share in our retirement.