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Heslips Hatcheries

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:21 pm
by PoultryCentral
We often get asked where Brown Shavers can be sourced. While there are plenty of sellers on TradeMe we can recommend Heslips Hatcheries in Fairlie. Glen and Phillipa deliver to most South Island locations so if you'd like some day-old guaranteed Shaver pullets to give to a broody hen to raise or some point-of-lay pullets to lay all their eggs for you, get in contact with the friendly team at Heslips. Their pullets are free range raised and fully vaccinated.
We recommend buying Point-of-Lay pullets rather than rescue hens (unless they have been free ranging and even then they should not be taken on by first-timers).
Point-of-Lay pullets are young healthy birds who'll lay for you (and not someone else) during their first laying season which is by far their most productive laying season. They will be used to living outside when they come to you and will have built up resistance to most health challenges that are around.