Cats: Food & litter

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Cats: Food & litter

Post by Zanetanas »

Ok, I have had BT and Katana for about 3 months now, but I have a couple of questions:

1) What kind of litter should I get to cut down on the smell? Right now I am just buying the cheapest kind that I can find. It smells horrible in the bathroom even after I just clean out their litter box.

2) What kind of food should I get them that is best for them? I haven't noticed any hairball or litter box problems, but I just want the best for them. Right now, I am getting them some Purina Indoor Cat formula with a can of wet food every third day.

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Re: Cats: Food & litter

Post by nhb »

Firstly welcome to poultry central. Unfortunately I don't know anything about cats, imo you are better off without them :D :D :D
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