Happy the Mallard and "DuckMan" NZ...

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Happy the Mallard and "DuckMan" NZ...

Postby Justm88 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:12 pm

My name is Matt and I am a Student at a University in New Zealand. We have many Ducks here on Campus, most of which are female Mallards. However, only a small number are bold enough to hang around the Dormitories seeking food. A few have even become semi-domesticated and will tap on the windows in order to get your attention (and food)... LOL. These are Ducks who have become used to people and are quite friendly.

A week ago, I spotted a female Mallard with a severe limp on her right side. I took her to the local Veterinarian who was reluctant to treat a Mallard because they are "common" and don't fall under the protected species category. They gave her one shot of pain meds and 3 rounds of NSAIDS. After this treatment - "Happy" as she is now called, wasn't getting better and appeared tired and losing interest in food. At that time, I was frustrated and searched online for someone to help. The search engines steered me in the direction of "DuckMan" otherwise known as: Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust - Craig Shepherd. Craig and the Wellington Bird Rehabilitaion Trust were able to take "Happy" this past Sunday.

Upon meeting Craig and seeing the facility, I realized three things: 1. Craig is serious about taking care of Water Fowl, he head everything from Ducks to Geese to Seagulls and beyond. 2. Craig looked very tired and could use more Volunteers to help around the facility. 3. Craig and WBRT need more funds to continue to provide care to all the animals. I'm reaching out to the Online community for any help you can offer to the ongoing care for "Happy", The Wellington Bird Rehabilitaion Trust (DuckMan - Craig Shepherd) and their good works.

In addition: "Happy" could use a good home when she is feeling better. She is very gentle, curious and in comparison to the other Dormitory Ducks quite the Sweety. Thanks for taking the time and I will provide a video link of "Happy" in her current condition. DuckMan New Zealand and his Website can easily be searched on Google and Facebook.

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