introducing new rooster to existing rooster question

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introducing new rooster to existing rooster question

Postby 10eel » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:37 pm

hello, I have just lost a 25week old slw cockerel and now have 1 barred rock cockerel of the same age. I brought them as a pair to keep my goat company round the garden. I've kept 5 roosters before as they came like that and have had no real issues with fighting. I was wondering if he will get lonely and if he would feel better with another friend or if its too late to get a new one? I assume you could but would entirely depend on personality, but im not sure about getting one then having to get rid of him if it doesnt work out.
I'm wondering if anyone knows any tips to lessen problems if i did get one, such as, what if i got a younger one, or a smaller docile breed or one similar to before? Or what to look for in a new one to see if their nature is gentle or not?
Im not in a position to get hens as i would want 4-5 per rooster and that's too much to look after at this stage.

Or do you think because hes young he'll be fine, if not better on his own?

...i miss seeing them huddle together and run around looking for grubs like buddies lol
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Re: introducing new rooster to existing rooster question

Postby Marina » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:23 pm

I'm a bit surprised you want multiple roosters. I'd get him a hen or two as this would not create problems.

Barred Plymouth Rocks are well known for their feistiness. Not all roosters are feisty but many are - not necessarily toward humans but toward other roosters. I don't think anyone can make a prediction about how they'd get along. Anything is possible. I have some 20 roosters and cockerels running arount at present. There are no hens they can get at so they are ok. But they also have plenty of space - acres and acres of orchard and shelter belts.

When I bring a new rooster in he needs to be penned up, otherwise they'd gang rape him.
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