Odd one out :)

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Odd one out :)

Postby eae » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:33 pm

Zip the guinea with a group of mixed colour araucanas :) We rescued Zip from his/her mother when he was 12 hours old and she'd already squashed the only other keet that hatched. There was a pipping egg I removed from the nest (as she had abandoned it) and tried to put it in the right environment to hatch (warm ice cream box) but after a few hours it gave up. So, not wanting to raise a single keet inside, after 2 days, when it could eat, we stuck it under our mother hen with the youngest chicks, who were 2 weeks old at that point. The other chicks pecked it mercilessly for about 18 hours, then accepted it and have been fine ever since. They all run around together and have a great time. We hope having grown up with chicks, Zip may consider sleeping in the chicken house. Our 2 existing guineas sleep in various places, some more irritating than others - such as the gutter of our garage, pooping in a gutter that collects our drinking water. GRRRRR.

Wolga, these are the chicks I got from you :) One was killed by the hen when I messed up introducing them, and last week we lost one to what I can only assume is Mareks - we were pretty dissapointed as I was almost certain it was a girl, and was a beautiful off white colour with golden neck and back.

The chap on the far left started trying to crow yesterday - very cute, but that signed his death warrant. I can't tell the sex with any of the others yet. Is it just me or are these guys super hard to sex? They're 9-10 weeks old so it should be getting easier. The two darker ones sitting on the right appear to have dark skin and combs, not seen that before. The far right bird was sick for a couple of days at about 3 weeks old, and has been significantly smaller than the others since. And the one to the left of Zip appears to have a single comb, which I wasn't expecting.. hoping that one is a girl as I like the colour :)

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Re: Odd one out :)

Postby sewren » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:40 am

Awww - what a great photo. Zip looks like (s)he fits right in with the crowd! :lol: :lol:
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