How to tell when scaly leg is gone?

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How to tell when scaly leg is gone?

Postby SophiaL » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:06 pm

Hi folks,

New here, new to chicken keeping (although have kept ducks) and have a bit of advice to ask for please!

Just got my 3 brown hens a few days ago from a friend of a friend. Not sure of their age or many other details about the birds, but they are lovely natured and perfectly happy around my insane prey driven Labrador! For the most part they seem very healthy, but they do all have some scaly leg in varying degrees, although it doesnt seem to be actually bothering any of them at all from what I can tell. The place they came from, whilst not a farm, was still a big operation with lots of birds running around. All of the brown hens (50 or so) had some scaly and I was told that they had some vaseline treatment already and to continue that for a while. I've been doing just that, as well as using some Net-Tex Scaly Leg Remover before the vaseline goes on.

My question is how on earth will I know that the mites have successfully been eradicated, when I read that it can take up to a year for the leg skin to regrow to look healthy? I can't actually see any mites themselves, and presumably they are tiny anyway. The last thing I want to do is to treat for a few weeks, then assume they are healthy when in fact there are still mites bothering them.

Looking forward to sorting this out and hopefully enjoying a few fresh eggs in the coming weeks!

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Re: How to tell when scaly leg is gone?

Postby Marina » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:12 pm

It's difficult to tell whether scaly leg mite is gone. They are tiny and burrow under the scales. The white stuff you see are their excrements. Once the scales have been raised they tend to stay like that until they are exchanged for new ones during moulting.

I would assume that after 2 or 3 treatments the mites will be dead. It's good practice to treat them in March just before moulting so that you see instant success.
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