Westons have a Game Bird Crumble!!

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Westons have a Game Bird Crumble!!

Postby Marina » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:12 pm

A couple of weeks ago I was told at Dawes where I buy my chook food that Westons now manufacture a Game Bird Crumble with 20% protein. The normal chick starter is formulated for commercial hybrids and not exactly ideal for the heavy breeds I have. I have trialled this feed instead of chick starter for all my chicks, day-old to 4 months old, for 2 weeks now. They love it, they do well on it and no pooey bums. It's too early for me to compare growth and health but more protein is always helpful for raising the big heavy breeds.
So if your Westons stockist doesn't have Game bird crumbles ask them to stock it. It's good stuff, contains animal protein (meat meal or similar).

I buy from Dawes in Halswell Junction Road and paid $33 for a 25 kg bag.
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Re: Westons have a Game Bird Crumble!!

Postby nhb » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:16 pm

That pretty good buying. I can't even find westons down here in timaru, really wish that I could get it. Have looked on the westons site but nothing comes up, when looking for supplier's in your area.
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