white chickens

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Re: white chickens

Postby Kracka » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:05 pm

what colour are the parents of these chicks?

blue/grey chicks sound more like a splash to me
yellow chicks sound like they've come from white parents (not that I've ever hatched White Pekin bantams)

splash is a dilution of the blue and I can see my Splash roosters get yellowy tinges to their neck hackles - so they seem to behave similar to the blues

a splash should be white (but they have a bluish hue to them) with blue flecks through them
but I have seen a splash that had only one blue feather - pluck that out & its really hard to tell which was the splash (aside from the blue hue) and a real white - but genetically they are quite different
I believe if you breed splash to splash the blue flecking gets less and less

hence my question about the colour of the parents

I have been told that you can influence the yellowy-ness of a true white bird with what you feed them - i.e. kibbled maize can make them more yellow - white Indian Runner ducks should be pure white, so don't feed them maize - but I've seen truly white ducks and yellowy ones on the same feed, so some of that yellowy-ness would appear to be genetic, in the ducks anyway
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white chickens

Postby cochinlover » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:40 pm

Now i am trying to find other if it's true that in white pekins the hicks that hatch blue grey go yellow with feed and in the sun but the ones that hatch yellow do not and stay pure white. Is this right?
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Re: white chickens

Postby Marina » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:26 pm

Kracka - I can definitely confirm that when you breed Splash to Splash you get some birds with only very few blue feathers. I, too, have had one female with only 1 blue feather once. Mating such a bird to a Black one yields blue offspring with very few black or dark blue splotches - they are a very even blue.

My Splash chicks have a lavender kind of back with a yellowy tummy at hatching. At the teenage stage they can look very light blue and some people think they are lavender but once they get their adult plumage the Splash colouring becomes obvious.

I've heard the same things - keep white birds out of the sun, don't feed them maize, keep them off green grass. But this causes pale yellow legs so you basically are between a rock and a hard place.

I've recently stewarded and the judge put a yellowy White Leghorn over a pure white one so who knows :?
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