Can chooks kill their babies just before hatching?

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Re: Can chooks kill their babies just before hatching?

Postby tootalk » Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:50 pm

We candled and three of the four were empty, so hubby was very gentle (think handling a ticking bomb!) and disposed. The forth had something in it but was around 3/5ths full. So we popped it back under the chook to give it another couple of days, I said to the kids it could have stopped developing and not to get the hopes raised. Given today is Day 24 I'm not hopeful. Should I wait until Monday and recandle and biff?

It's been a real learning exercise for everyone. Loads we'd do differently next time. The chook has turned out to be a wonderful loving mother to the chicks. Perhaps she was trying to get rid of the stinky eggs and got muddled and then freaked when the babies came out. She's so calm with them all now and constantly chatting to them. She keeps checking they are all there too by calling for them under her wings. Kids are amazed how the babies can get right up inside the wing cavity. It's also been headline news at school this week with regular reports of activities and dead eggs!
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Re: Can chooks kill their babies just before hatching?

Postby Kracka » Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:03 am

that's great she's mothering well - can all be a bit stressful at times!
as for the other egg, I'd throw it away - at this point in time the chick should have occupied the entire egg and day 24 is way too late now (unless there's some doubt on the start date)
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