Chicks are here!

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Chicks are here!

Postby Mitsy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:17 pm

Out of 14 chicks under two broodies we had 11 hatch out - a pretty good hatch rate I think. Some chicks from my pekins and some mixes. I am very happy as there is a super array of colours - one pure white, some white and black, some brown, and other mixed colours.
We had an accident when one of the broodies came down into the pen with her chicks - somehow the chick managed to escape and was mauled by one of my hens (or the cockerel) when I was not around. When I discovered this the chick had bloody gashes in 3 places. It was terrible - I had covered the sides of the pen where I know they sometimes slip through, but I should have put rocks against the cover to be sure, which I have done since. Also I have moved the broody coops into their usual separate fenced area - they were unable to go there at the time as my husband was finishing a job in that part of the yard (urban, so not so much space to organise things). Anyway the day after this the chick looked pretty sad as chickens can do - I thought it may well not make it. But by the end of the day it was taking an interest in feeding and drinking again and not sleeping/going off on its own so much. Now (two days later) it seems to be just like the other chicks (but with healing gashes). So I hope it will be okay. Also I hope this chick may be a frizzle as it looks a little different from the others and I hatched five chicks from my frizzle hen. Hopefully there will be a couple of frizzles!
By the way, if anyone is looking for some cute bantam cockerels down Oamaru way there will soon be some available :)
If I knew how I would post some pics of all these cute chickies!
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