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Bare Crop

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:21 pm
by WayneJ
I have 4 Brown Shavers who are all 1 year old, laying well, but one (Nick named Mrs.Puku) has a bare crop with no feathers. At first I thought she was just moulting, but that was 4 months ago, no sign of replacement feathers. The exposed skin is a little redish, but Mrs. Puku doesn't appear to be distressed in any way. Lays her egg a day.
Any advice or comments?

Re: Bare Crop

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:26 am
by Marina
Hi Wayne and welcome to PC.

I wouldn'ty worry about a bare crop. Skin exposed to light goes red but it doesn't do any harm. She probably has been pecked in the crop area but if the damage doesn't get more severe she should be fine. Sometimes feather pecking develops - usually as a result of a food deficiency. To safeguard against it a few meat scraps every now and then will help.