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Chicken has lost co-ordination and disoriented

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:35 pm
by chrisf

I'm posting this on behalf of my partner whose chicken has suddenly lost co-ordination. She tries to jump on her perch but misses.
We gave her some food to eat, and she pecks at it, but misses it completely. She tries to peck but can't seem to peck in the right place.
She also makes strange neck movements which are out or character and also walks on a lean. What could be causing this?
I recorded a video of here if it helps explain what's happening - here's the You Tube link (hope it works)
Looking forward to hearing any advice for you knowledgeable folk.

Re: Chicken has lost co-ordination and disoriented

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:15 am
by Kracka
how old is she?

if she's young, it could be Mareks - she doesn't come from a commercial hatchery (she doesn't look like a Brown Shaver/Hyline)
I've had birds come down with Mareks and they lose control of their limbs, but generally its a paralysed leg (in the worst cases, they sit with one leg forward and the other back)
they generally eat well, but lose condition rapidly (I generally euthanase once I can see they're going backwards)

do you think she can see okay - are the eyes still clear or have they gone cloudy - there is another form of Mareks that affects the eyes

there's a bit of info in Wikipedia if you want to read up on Mareks - normally its younger birds that can get it and I'm afraid there's pretty much nothing you can do for them

otherwise, maybe an inner ear problem? do the ears look clear & clean (from what you can see on the outside)
maybe some sort of stroke?

if she's having trouble seeing the food & perching, she's going to need a bit of special attention to keep her safe - might be a case of wait & see if she improves or not
I normally go through a bit of a checklist - no mites (does she need dusting), check for lice (annoying creatures, but unlikely to cause any health issues to her), has she been wormed at all? (not likely to affect her, unless its a heavy infestation - check for wrigglies in her poop!), no injuries (have a bit of a look around under the feathers - while you're doing that you'll work out if she has parasites!)
then pamper her with treat foods to make it easy for her to keep up her energy while she's hopefully healing

Re: Chicken has lost co-ordination and disoriented

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:52 pm
by chrisf
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately our chicken passed away. It was like she was in a coma, looked dead but you could see she was breathing.
She had fluid leaking from her ears and mouth. Couldn't believe how long it too for her to actually die must've been 24 hours, but am sure she wasn't aware of what was happening. Guess we'll never know the cause as no autopsy due to the fact we laid her to rest in the our chicken graveyard this morning.