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Postby mlory » Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:36 pm

Minorcas are a light breed, originating from Spain. They are the largest of the mediterranean fowl. Roosters at 9 pounds and hens at 7 and a half.
Their closest relatives are the Andalusian and White faced Black Spanish.
They are recognised in white (rare), buff, black (common), and even blue.
Minorcas are beautiful, graceful birds. They stand very tall and their plumage is soft and sleek. The black colour has and incredible green sheen.
They make aweful parents and have not been know to go broody. They can be extremely flighty.
In terms of eggs, in my opinion, none compares. They can lay from 200-260 per year, but it's the size thats amazing. Size 8+ and some of mine even lay double yolkers. The eggs are white.
Minorcas are great to have around, hassle free and so elegant in the yard. If you're looking for beautiful chooks and incredible large eggs, Minorcas are for you!
The Minorca is easily identified by their large red comb (flops over in hens) and big white earlobes. They are quite similar looking to a black leghorn, just bigger.
Young pullet
Young cockrel and pullets
These are some of my own birds.
This season I will hopefuly have some young stock for sale, and possibly some fertile eggs.
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Re: Minorca

Postby chicibo » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:11 am

Part of the Minorca NZ Poultry Standard: as compiled by Ian Selby:

White, Male and Female: Glossy White
In both Sexes
Beak; White
Eyes; Red
Comb, face and wattles; Blood Red
Legs; Pinky-white

Buff, Male and Female: Clear, even buff throughout to the skin
In both Sexes
Beak; White or horn
Eyes; Red
Comb, face, earlobes and wattles; Bright Red
Legs, feet and toenails; White

Blue, Male and Female: Soft, medium blue, free from lacing, the male darker in the hackles, wingbows and back.
In both sexes
Beak, comb, face, earlobes, and wattles, as in the black
Eyes; Dark Brown, (the darker the better)
Legs; Blue to Slate

Cock; 3.2-3.6kg (7-8lb)
Cockerel; 2.7-3.6kg (6-8lb)
Hen; 2.7-3.6kg (6-8lb)
Pullet; 2.7-3.2kg (6-7lb)

Scale of points (Deduct up to)
Skull, beak, neck, face and eyes; 12
Comb, lobes and wattles; 10
Type and Carriage; 30
Tightness and density of feathers; 20
Legs and feet; 3
Tail; 5
Condition and size; 10
Color, including plumage, beak, eyes, face, feet and lobes; 10
Total; 100

Serious Defects:
Colour of legs; in blacks, other than black or slate. In blues other than blue or slate-blue. In whites and Buffs, other than white.
Red earlobes (more than one-third); any white in the face of young birds; white in the face of old birds exceeding one-third.
Males comb; twisted, trimmed, having side sprigs.
Feathers on shanks or feet.
Wry tail, squirrel tail or any other body deformity. Badly bent breast bone.
Split tail, split wing, slipped wing and duck toe.
Female carrying horny spur or spurs.

One sickle feather missing. Purple barring in plumage. Plumage other than black; white to be severely cut. Slight curvature of breast or perch mark.

Minorca bantams should be miniatures of their large fowl counterparts and standard points, colour and defects should be the same for bantams as for large fowl.

Male; 960g (34oz)
Female; 800g (29 oz)
Smaller specimens to be favored, other points being equal.
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