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Postby Kracka » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:50 pm

as copied from the NZPS 2nd edition 1992

Origin of Breed: North Europe
Classification: Light
Egg Colour: White

Male Characteristics:
Head: Fine
Eyes: Bold and full
Beak: Short, well curved
Comb: Rose, medium size, firmly set, square-fronted, gradually tapering to a long, finely ended spike (or leader) in a straight line with the surface and without any downward tendency, the top level (free from hollows) and covered with small and smooth coral-like points of even height.
Wattles: Smooth, round and of fine texture
Face: Smooth and free from stubby hairs
Ear Lobes: Smooth, round and flat (not concave or hollow), varying in size according to variety
Neck: Of medium length, covered with full and long feathers, which hang well over the shoulder
Body: Moderately long, compact, fairly wide and flat at the shoulders
Breast: Well rounded
Wings: Large and neatly tucked
Tail: Long and sweeping, carried well up (but avoiding "squirrel" carriage), the sickles broad and the secondaries plentiful
Legs: Of medium length
Thighs: Slender
Shanks: Fine and round, free of feathers
Toes: Four, slender and well spread
Carriage: Alert, bold and graceful

Female Characteristics
The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.

Black, Gold Pencilled, Silver Pencilled, Gold Spangled, Silver Spangled, White, Blue

Male 2.25kg
Female 1.8kg

Scale of Points:

White, Black and Blue
Type, style and condition Male: 15 Female 15
Head (comb, face and earlobes 15 each) Male: 45 Female: 45
Colour (Legs 5) Male: 25 Female: 35
Tail Male: 15 Female: 5

Pencilled variety
Type, style & condition Male and Female: 10
Head (comb, ear-lobes, face) Male: 25 Female: 20
Colour (incl legs) Male: 30 Female: 10
Markings (Back & cushion 15, Breast & Thighs 15, Tail 15, Wings, 10, Neck Hackle 5 - Female only
Tail Markings (Male Only) 35

Silver Spangled variety
type, style & condition Male: 10 Female: 10
Head (male) comb 10, earlobes 10 face 5
Head (female) comb 10, earlobes 5 face 5
Colour (incl legs) Male 10 Female 10
Markings (male) tail 15, neck-hackle 10, back & saddle 10, breast & thighs 10, wings 10 total 55
Markings (female) back & cushion 15, neck hackle 15, tail 10 breast & thighs 10, wings 10 total 60

Gold Spangled
type, style & condition 10
head(comb 10, earlobes 5 face 5 total 20
colour (incl legs) 10
Markings (back & saddle 15, breast & thighs 15, wings 15, neck hackle 10, tail 5) total 60

serious defects: white in face, single comb, red earlobes, squirrel or wry tail. Any other deformity

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Re: Hamburg

Postby trishandrews » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:06 pm

Hi there, do you know of where I could get some really nice quality silver spangle and gold pencil eggs pls?
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