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Postby CountryGirlNZ » Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:30 pm

The Campine is an ancient breed, originating in Belgium’s Campine region. They only come in two colours - the Gold and Silver. They are a fairly small, tightly-feathered breed with golden neck feathers (or silver in the case of silver birds) and iridescent black-green barred bodies. The roosters are ‘hen feathered’ (which means they don’t have the characteristic saddle feathers of other roosters) and the hens and roosters are nearly identical in feather coloration.

The breed is a lively one that prefers to be out and about free ranging most of the time. The birds are very alert and inquisitive; some can be rather wild in nature whilst others can be very friendly. They are classed as a non-sitting utility fowl, laying medium sized white eggs. Economical to keep with good feed-to-egg conversion rates. The chicks feather quickly but mature relatively late.

Purpose: Egg layer
Classification: Light
Origin: Belgium
Egg Colour: White
Egg Numbers: 200-250 (depending on the strain)
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Re: Campine

Postby DRG » Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:43 pm

(now this makes me want to have Campines too.. THANKS!) :evil:




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