List of breeds our members have - All other poultry

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List of breeds our members have - All other poultry

Postby Heir » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi all.
Below is a list of all the breeds of different poultry that our members breed.
PM me if you'd like to join this list.
Please PM the members individually if you'd like to enquire about obtaining eggs or birds.

Muscovy - nzpouter, cheekychicken
Indian Runners - BlueMountainPoultry, nzpouter
Pekin - cheekychicken, CountryGirlNZ, PoultryHill
Large Silver Appleyard - PoultryHill
Welsh Harlequin - PoultryHill
Magpie - PoultryHill
Khaki Campbell - PoultryHill, Kracka
Cayuga - PoultryHill
Crested - Kracka

Chinese - PoultryHill

Lady Amherst - PoultryHill
Yellow Golden - PoultryHill

Spanish Thieves - nzpouter
Swiss Mondain - nzpouter
Norwich Cropper - nzpouter, PoultryHill
Voorburg Shield - nzpouter
Australian Saddleback - PoultryHill
Jacobins - PoultryHill

Japanese - PoultryHill
Bobwhite - PoultryHill
Californian - PoultryHill

Bronze - cheekychicken
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