Does anyone have Hens/Pullets for sale in Hawkes Bay?

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Does anyone have Hens/Pullets for sale in Hawkes Bay?

Postby jasper39 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:22 am

Hello Everyone,

I hope that someone can help ~ i have a lovely brown shaver hen nearly two years old ... sadly her lifetime companion passed away on Monday and she is very lonely now :(

I am in Gisborne and cannot find what i am looking for locally ~ i am keen to get another two birds and preferably heritage breeds. A lovely member (thanks Marina :) )
gave me the details of the Hastings Poultry and Pigeon society and i have sent an email to them.

I would ideally like to take advantage of the long weekend and get my new feathered friends settled ...

I have seen so many on various websites and trade me ~ but the nearest were in the Hamilton area and although i was prepared initially to make that trip, it really is not ideal being a tad too far away.

I can get to Napier/Hastings and back in the same day ~ much better for me and the birds.

Please can anyone help?

I do hope so :)

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Re: Does anyone have Hens/Pullets for sale in Hawkes Bay?

Postby Abc123 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:36 pm

Hi, we live on just under 5 acres, we breed Poultry here in Fielding, we will have some next Spring as getting a little cooler now, we had people come all the way to get Fertile Eggs from us not long ago, they said where hard to find your way our Eggs where from White Leghorns. Ours are free ranged, so all eggs and birds come as we have them some will be our earn some crossed with Wayndoote , most birds though white and some brown.
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