Black Hamburg

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Black Hamburg

Postby finkies1 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:34 pm

Hi there,
Can anyone post up apic of a young black Hamburg chicken please? I have ended up with about 4 I think (which Im happy about) in with some Gold Spangled Hamburg eggs bought down from up north, the lady had both breeds, I ned to make sure these are pure and it's a bit hard to tell (apart from the rosecomb of course) I need to see pics of about 6 weeks and 10 weeks - if anyone can help i would appreciate it:)

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Re: Black Hamburg

Postby Marina » Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:34 pm

Sorry, haven't got any pics but would expect them to have the same chick down colour as Black Orpingtons or Minorcas as they are supposed to have black legs and feet.

Did they have the penguin hatch down? - Mainly black with a white tummy and maybe a bit of white in their faces? Their legs don't need to be black at hatching - sometimes they can be almost yellowish-white.

At 6 weeks they should have some white feathers in their wings, mainly the outer flight feathers and some cream fluff on their chests. Black should start to extend to the legs (if they aren't already black).

At 10 weeks they will still have a few white feathers in their wings but from 16 weeks approximately these should start to be replaced with black adult feathers. Legs should be more black still.

If you can see brownish feathers appearing then a red or partridge bird may have had an opportunity to leave a souvenir.

If your concerns are regarding some other trait you are seeing let us know.
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