Cuckoo (or Blue Mottle) Pekin - anyone keeping?

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Cuckoo (or Blue Mottle) Pekin - anyone keeping?

Postby valleygirl » Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:55 am

Hi there. I have been trying to get some cuckoo pekin eggs for hatching (just 6 would be fine) for the last couple of seasons, but despite being in various groups, I have not been able to get any. I am also keen on blue mottle and did manage to get some (just 2!) last season, but I only got two plain black hens from those. Does anyone have either they would be willing to sell and post to Auckland? I don't show; my birds are just for laying, so they don't have to be first class stock, although I like them to be purebred. I know the mottle can be either blue, black or mottle when hatched. Thanks in advance :)
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