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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:04 pm
by Firestar
Hi Guys

Want to hear a story about a Labrador who thinks he's going to be a chicken?
Well its close enough.

At the weekend I went out to Southbridge to pick up some lovely Orpington pullets to add to my diminished group.
Had them coming up three days now, my Labrador Bentley has been brought up with chickens, he came from a farm in Ashburton.
but Bentley has what I call a Jealous streak to him. After observing these new comers to his garden who appeared to be getting more attention than him he decides something must be done to put them in their place.

He gets let out to go widdly woo this morning 5 minuets later there is one heck of burk burk and squeals and clucks mums at the window and shouts out hes after the chickens to be precise the Orpingtons he chases this poor blue pullet around the house into the back garden she gets into the enclosure and quickly into the second coop we have out front and hides in the nest box.
Bentley charges the gate until he crashes through it then proceeds to leap in through the door. I stand there looking at the picture of Labrador stuck in coop and clucks, clucks of distressed chicken.

I hobble into the coop area and proceed to remove the Labrador from the coop, who is totally undaunted and turns on his heals looking for another bird to chance. Thanks to the help of my next door neighbor who came over to assist and remove Labrador from back garden for a cool down time in hers. I carry poor upset chicken out to back garden giving her a cuddle until she calms down to join her friends.

Moral of the story is always expect the unexpected. ;)


PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:44 pm
by AlisonS
Your animals certainly keep you well entertained!


PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:30 am
by Firestar
I suppose that is one way to look at it, but I feel so sorry for poor chook last thing she needscis BIG lab
breaking into her coop. It is funny too seeing that big bottom wagging as he is stuck in there. Wasnt laughing
at the the though. Lol